Thursday, 4 February 2016

Ragnar is Born...

Following on with my Inquisimunda interest at the moment I have completed, for now: basing still needs doing, but I need materials for that; Ragnar. He is my Void pirate captain, and although he started out as viking inspires he has finished up more Neo-Napoleonic. Not that I mind, I think he looks fine, but it was an unexpected finish. Says more about my 80's musical tastes than I possible would care to admit. :)

I tried something new with the power hammer, I used reverse highlighting. Making the edges darker than the center. I think it manages to evoke a sense of hidden energy in the weapon.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Inquisimunda has bitten...

While I am at best sporadic in my postings; something I wish to redress; I have none the less been hard at it.
This hobby has been in my blood for decades, waxing and waning, but never has the urge to create been so strong as when I read the rules for Inquisimunda, and inspiration struck.

Kit-bashing is forever my love in this hobby, painting coming a pale second. And with that I present my first foray into the world of 28mm Inquisitor inspired gaming.

All work so far is in progress.

First up in my Rougue Trader Retinue is their mission leader and my Rogue Traders right hand man.
These are the trusted men of the mission team, Arch Miltants. Never a fan of the stunted Ogryns, I had to extent the legs to approach eye pleasing proportions. Also experimenting with the flesh-tone painting, introducing blues and purples for the shadows.
Gotta love a squat with a shotgun, a novice human, the Navigator and my take on an Hrud, they are suppose to be uninterested in money, but love trading, so he carries his worth with him. Inspired by creatures in the fabulous Labyrinth.
And as with this game as with Necromunda, after my first few games, things happened and new recruits were needed, and skills were gained meaning equipment needed to be changed. So the heavy Weapon Arch Militant became a gun-slinger, and my eldar would be harlequin wanderer, picked up his discarded heavy bolter, as her skill in shooting increased. Also a rather nervous looking new recruit, young and adventurous, along with a pair of quarrelsome grots, Partly inspired by the models, one armoured, with a makeshift suit of armour, with obligatory pan on his head.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

This weeks round up...

I have had a great week doing what I love, modelling and painting and experimenting.

First up, and update to my True Scale Marines. These have been a long time in their making, the first being done close to 10 years ago. Since then I have experimented with colours, construction and different models. Even a Terminator as you can see in the first picture.

The Aspiring champion has a massive sword...I know way to big, I think I will try to replicate the design, in plasticard and replace,as seeing it here in a photo,it looks even more disproportionate.
I have never been a fan of painted guns, but I'm pleased with the white distressed look these guys have. I needed to step away from the all metallic,as the armour is accented with metallics, so it made sense, I think.
You may have noticed the checkers and shoulder markings, along with the sergeants helm here. I have tried to take inspiration from the old Rogue Trader books and artwork. These guys are after all wearing pieced together armour and ancient relics. You can also see the scale comparison here with an Imperial Guard.
A little dark, but the second heavy bolter's paint scheme is a bit clearer.
I love the de-nurglefied helm in the middle, adds a little bit of focus to the figure and a feel of other sourced technology.
Battle damaged and worn is the feel of the armour.
During the experiments I have found the terminator loose shoulders to far superior to the cast on the arm one for re-positioning and final look.
A little more work done on the Khorne sacrificial unit, the Devoveo, mainly washes and oils.
Group shot,as you can see I have moved away from the natural flesh colour, to exaggerate the feel of the sacrificed.
More Marauders in their undercoat, this unit is focussed on close combat. Lead by the dual wielding plasma pistol sergeant. He is made from the new Khone AoS Troops, a few easy snips and swaps, the remainder of the squad sports the rest of the helmets from the Khorne box.
I know not the best statistically, I think he looks great. If I was a power player I would have gone Tau...
My mid-week challenge I set myself was to paint a squad from undercoat to battle ready in a day.
Closer shot, not bad for about 6 hours total. (just the bases to wash and tidy up)

Update on the True Scale Land Raider Proteus. Two tone first layers done. Undercoat, rust, then primer and topcoat. Now the weathering really begins.

Finally, an experiment in skin tones. Not finished yet but I am happy with the progress so far. 

A little clearer to see in this picture, the purple lowlights and yellowing highlights. After the base colours are in,I will begin the weathering and oil washes, this will bring the colour backdown to more healthy colour... well thats the plan.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

And three become one...

A follow up post on the True Scale Proteus Land Raider.

Filled some of the gaps, and have reshaped the front side panels. Looking ok so far. The old kits are so much more flimsy and flexible than the new ones. As you might see the front has a bit of a kink in it, butI think I can cover this with battle damage and gubbins.

 Not very clear, but i have repurposed the interior engine plate for the back, this monster would need a massive engine, right? And I can't believe most of the time its on the inside!!!
Leaving the outer door off this side, will add some broken hinges on this side.

Rouge Trader door on this side, it fits almost perfectly:)

You can also see the tools tray i have used to fill a broken hatch, agin cant believe this is normally hidden.

There also appears to be a bit of a twist in the over all model, not sure how to fix this bar completely restarting... tips welcome.

Some more filling and filing and it will be ready for some paint.

Oh and a scale shot for DaveB:)

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

True Scale Proteus Land Raider...

I've been after a proteus for ages, but my marines are true scale so I need to make it bigger, so it was gonna be expensive....
Then a friend comes to the rescue with two part build Rogue Trader era models, giddy isn't the word, so after much umming and arring I took a blade to them, and an ebay rescue standard land raider for parts.
Here are the first shots of it, think it's going ok, and I'm excited :)

Still loads of work to do, but the fit is pretty good, ther are some angle changes to do on the sides, I'll decide if I'm going to plastic card it or green stuff closer to the end, but I'm happy :)

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Krombies are coming...

UsThis is one of my favourite units in the new Heretics and Renegades army list, they are great in large numbers and cheap as chips. They maybe poor stat wise, but wow 40 of them will give any unit a bad day.
Oh the other reason I love them, is the fact a regular opponent of mine is a Tau player who has a lot of Kroot. So this had to be done :)

Still a work in progress, but the skin tone is about right, again simple highlighted base coat, with an oil filter, this time I varied the filter a little to get the variance in the squad, and throughout the figure, blue browns and greens. Again anti-dry brushing was used to reveal the hifghlights.
Using oil filters and thinned paints allows the shades to show through, this can be seen on the quills.

Fo a simple head swap I'm very please with the outcome, and it fits with the no vanilla models in m army.
Oh ant you might be able to see the Dark Eldar helms I've added to the trophies, that's another dig at one of my regular opponents :) I love winding them up, lol.

In it for the Money...

Last year I posted a few picture if my Mauraders in their raw kit bashed forms, yesterday I revisited a squad of them, I have three. and started to give them some love and paint :)

The idea for them was to be very distinct from the rest of the army, they are after all hired guns, and not strictly part of the army. So they have a contrasting colour scheme. The actual colours came about organically, but the initial choice of orange was deliberate, as the Alphas have a turquoise theme.

Group Shot
These are obviously still very much WIP, but there are aspects of them that are near completion and that I'm very pleased with.

Squad Leader

Here is the squad leader, he like the rest of the marauder elites, is a meat slab job, of a runaway marine scout, they are bigger than the ordinary squads members. He's stollen some of his armour obviously :)
I am liking the weathering on the chainsword, the danger stripes were a challenge, but I think they are passable.


The scouts of the squad. At the last minuet I decided to camo the cloaks, never attempted camo before, but I think it has turned out ok.


These two are my brutes, two combat heavies for the squad. A common opponent for me is Tau, so this is just a little jibe at them, there are more, but that's for another post. Poor photo, but it just about shows the weathering, again this is oil washes, anti dry brushing. Then going back to apply worn areas.

 The rest of the squad, catch an base, mordheim and empire kit bashes. I silenced the barrels on the rifles, makes the look a bit more special forces. After the success with the camo cloaks I wanted to incorporate it in the ret of the squad.