Wednesday, 9 September 2015

True Scale Proteus Land Raider...

I've been after a proteus for ages, but my marines are true scale so I need to make it bigger, so it was gonna be expensive....
Then a friend comes to the rescue with two part build Rogue Trader era models, giddy isn't the word, so after much umming and arring I took a blade to them, and an ebay rescue standard land raider for parts.
Here are the first shots of it, think it's going ok, and I'm excited :)

Still loads of work to do, but the fit is pretty good, ther are some angle changes to do on the sides, I'll decide if I'm going to plastic card it or green stuff closer to the end, but I'm happy :)


  1. Impressive project. Nice score on the RT land raiders as well.
    It'd be interesting to see the size difference with some of the standard height marines and vehicles vs what I suppose is a behemoth.

  2. Thanks DaveB, I'll post some scale shots this weekend, once I've done some more work on it.