Saturday, 16 January 2016

Inquisimunda has bitten...

While I am at best sporadic in my postings; something I wish to redress; I have none the less been hard at it.
This hobby has been in my blood for decades, waxing and waning, but never has the urge to create been so strong as when I read the rules for Inquisimunda, and inspiration struck.

Kit-bashing is forever my love in this hobby, painting coming a pale second. And with that I present my first foray into the world of 28mm Inquisitor inspired gaming.

All work so far is in progress.

First up in my Rougue Trader Retinue is their mission leader and my Rogue Traders right hand man.
These are the trusted men of the mission team, Arch Miltants. Never a fan of the stunted Ogryns, I had to extent the legs to approach eye pleasing proportions. Also experimenting with the flesh-tone painting, introducing blues and purples for the shadows.
Gotta love a squat with a shotgun, a novice human, the Navigator and my take on an Hrud, they are suppose to be uninterested in money, but love trading, so he carries his worth with him. Inspired by creatures in the fabulous Labyrinth.
And as with this game as with Necromunda, after my first few games, things happened and new recruits were needed, and skills were gained meaning equipment needed to be changed. So the heavy Weapon Arch Militant became a gun-slinger, and my eldar would be harlequin wanderer, picked up his discarded heavy bolter, as her skill in shooting increased. Also a rather nervous looking new recruit, young and adventurous, along with a pair of quarrelsome grots, Partly inspired by the models, one armoured, with a makeshift suit of armour, with obligatory pan on his head.

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