Sunday, 13 September 2015

And three become one...

A follow up post on the True Scale Proteus Land Raider.

Filled some of the gaps, and have reshaped the front side panels. Looking ok so far. The old kits are so much more flimsy and flexible than the new ones. As you might see the front has a bit of a kink in it, butI think I can cover this with battle damage and gubbins.

 Not very clear, but i have repurposed the interior engine plate for the back, this monster would need a massive engine, right? And I can't believe most of the time its on the inside!!!
Leaving the outer door off this side, will add some broken hinges on this side.

Rouge Trader door on this side, it fits almost perfectly:)

You can also see the tools tray i have used to fill a broken hatch, agin cant believe this is normally hidden.

There also appears to be a bit of a twist in the over all model, not sure how to fix this bar completely restarting... tips welcome.

Some more filling and filing and it will be ready for some paint.

Oh and a scale shot for DaveB:)

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