Thursday, 20 August 2015

Krombies are coming...

UsThis is one of my favourite units in the new Heretics and Renegades army list, they are great in large numbers and cheap as chips. They maybe poor stat wise, but wow 40 of them will give any unit a bad day.
Oh the other reason I love them, is the fact a regular opponent of mine is a Tau player who has a lot of Kroot. So this had to be done :)

Still a work in progress, but the skin tone is about right, again simple highlighted base coat, with an oil filter, this time I varied the filter a little to get the variance in the squad, and throughout the figure, blue browns and greens. Again anti-dry brushing was used to reveal the hifghlights.
Using oil filters and thinned paints allows the shades to show through, this can be seen on the quills.

Fo a simple head swap I'm very please with the outcome, and it fits with the no vanilla models in m army.
Oh ant you might be able to see the Dark Eldar helms I've added to the trophies, that's another dig at one of my regular opponents :) I love winding them up, lol.


  1. Very very cool looking figs. I quite like the paint scheme. Kroot heads on....mantic ghoul bodies maybe?

    I'm not really familiar with oil filters. Is it similar to inking?
    Also, most curious about google fu is a bit weak. All I'm pulling up is skin aging treatments. Can you comment on what this technique is?

  2. Thanks Daveb, they're GW crypt Ghoul bodies, but I might check out the mantic ones as they tend to be cheaper and I need about 30 more :)

    Oil filters are a bit like washes, but they tend to alter the colour a little more, they give a more even coverage over the entire model, pool less in the recesses

    1. Essentially anti-dry brushing is a controlled removal of the oil filter, with a clean implement, dry brush or finger, with just enough white spirit to reactivate the oils.

    2. I'll put together a picture diary of it in action this week :)

  3. Thanks for the explanation. I'd love to see some pics in action, sounds intriguing.

  4. Well aren't these just cool! And I love your statement about "no vanilla models" haha!