Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Sisters getting ready for Battle.

 This is less of a tutorial more a diary of what I did to get to where I finished up. If you learn anything from this I would be surprised, but anything is possible.

Under-coated with a dark brown ink wash to bring out the details, and help create the shadows.


Simple next stage, get all the flesh blocked in.


Again just simple blocking out of colours.


A little more thought went into the painting of the armour, this is to be an off white when finished, so a dirty cream for a base block colour.

Armour skirts.

Soft shadows on the scale maile skirts, a mid grey ink wash, helps with the definition of the scales.


I used a reference picture from the interwebs, to get the ratio of hair colours, I always struggle to know what colours to use for a unit and it then devolves into just one colour, usually brown...

I used thin paints and used multiple layers in smaller areas until the colour I desired was reached.


Browns... lots of different shades of brown, with the new wet palette I was using, this was easy, keep the paint wet, allowing subtle changes almost constantly while painting all the figure in one go.

So a little jump from the last set to, this group, I have highlighted the scales just once up-to, white, washed the tunics in a turquoise blue. I've painted and highlighted the metallics, putting my first attempts of heat damage on these too.

The bases and boots have had the oil filter treatments, and I think this helps them gel quite well.

 Again all WIP and C&C welcome.


  1. They look very sharp. I struggled with hair colour on my zombies/civilians. It does seem to trend towards browns. You've managed to pull off a great look though, without getting too punk. I really like the dwarfs beard.

    What did you use to make your plastic sisters? Elf bodies perhaps?

    1. Thank you, the sisters bodies are DE wytches, with Elf Shadow Warrior legs, fantasy militia and IG cadian arms, and the heads are from Statuesque Minatures, link at the bottom.