Sunday, 23 November 2014

Life gets turned upside down...

This might be my last post for a while, we have to move out of our current accommodation quickly, which will mean everything getting packed and put away, an no internet for a while.
I have also been ill, which would normally mean more posts, but vertigo isn't like that... damn it.

So on to this update.
Continuing my experiments in painting, filters and washes here are two brute from the legion army of heretics.

Very simple techniques were employed here, one colour spray undercoat, one in red one in light brown, wash in dark brown acrylic on both, allow to dry. pick out the skin tones, one flat colour, allow to dry. Then add oil based filters, these were applied quite heavily, allowed to dry for a bit, with oils this is a substantial time, and something acrylics wouldn't allow. Then with a damp brush, with some turpentine, reverse dry brush, this removes some of the overly heavy wash/filter, as can been seen on the armour plates quite easily.
Next I picked out the blue sashes, this was done with the filter still 'damp' and allows for wet blending I think, but I'm not sure, the effect achieved was with one thin layer of acrylic, over the oil filter. No acrylic blending was used. I then fixed that layer with a matt varnish, and picked out the metal details and leathers.
Very pleased with the over all effect.


Same techniques applied here, washes filters and anti-dry-brushing. Not bad for a mornings work :)
So glad to have a team ready for our groups revisiting of this great game.

(Not biased at all, wasn't a national finalist, nope :D)


  1. Some very smart looking models - good luck with the move!

    1. Thx MTH, I tried, want to get a good standard without spending hours per model, think I'm getting there :)

  2. Love the troll painted look. I really like the top pictures red leather.
    The oldhammer ogre in your warband is cool item as well.

    I hope you manage to get your accomodation sorted out quickly. Moves are always a huge hassle. =/

    1. Moving is a pain, but I'll get sorted soon, I can feel it :)
      Thanks, the Troll was a test model, but in the end I was amazed at the effectiveness of the method, and I will be dabbling with it more, the Mordheim group could really do with a better photography set up, as they look as good as the trolls, but maybe not as striking. here's hoping after the move I can get a more permanent photo area.