Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Oil Filters?

So in my journey to better my painting skills I have tried filters, these are one with oils and a lot of thinners. The first guys, one of my favourite Ogres from the Old Hammer Club, was over highlighted, to an almost pastel finish, really should have done before an after shots for all these... live and learn.

I will probably strip and re paint, but I love the way the wood and leather have turned out, with just two filters applied.

I passed this figure over many years ago, I guess he wasn't heroic enough, but when I stumbled across him again recently, I just had to have him as a Nurgle infected priest. But he was mainly white, so I applied filters, yup the dirty robe is all one with filters, about 3/4 different brown tones.

The base is also just filters, it was white plaster and grey basing stones, now looking more like dirty mud, and effluence...

Definitely something I will continue to experiment with.

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