Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Squad One Day 2 6MMRPC...almost there

I know I haven't based them yet, but I don't know what terrain the field of battle will be yet, I suspect snow... but I'm waiting on conformation.

Anyhow, here is Squad One finished to my standard table top.
I'll get the hang of this camering thing... one day

The squat mechanic is my favourite, think I'll look for more... after this challenge obviously o.O

Pleased :) now on to the second squad :)


  1. Where are the minis from, certain parts look familiar, but I can't place them.

  2. They are Mutant Chronicles Warzone bodies, with various w40k upgrades, the heads are from Spellcrow, and of course the 2nd man in the two man hvy weeapons team is a mechanicus squat from eons ago :)

  3. They look good! Always a pleasure to finish up a unit aye!?

  4. Thank you, and yes it does, fist one in a long time.