Monday, 8 September 2014

Getting a Handle on my challenge...

I've accepted the 6MMR Challenge, so I ventured into my man cave to see exactly what I have let myself into.
Well first up is my Renegades and Heretics army that I have been building for about forever, as you can see some of it is base coated, most under coated and a couple are near completion, but here are a few group shots to give an idea of the first part of the challenge.

1500pt Tau army,

Renergades and Heretics, psykers and stuff,

Heretics and my forgefiends,

More Heretics and disciples,

Heretics and Space Marine Renegades

The Space Marine Renegades, they are true scale

Box of 80 imperial guard types, 

This will be the first squad I tackle, once I dig them out of my desk.
Last count there were over 140 imperial guard types plus marines and others.

These are from a home-brew game, that myself and a few friends have been working on and playing for a very long time, but more recently we decided to take it up a notch and go to 100mm scale...
(said some of my experiments could do with a doctor :) )

Scratch building a 1:18 scale mech... yeah ill keep taking the pills :)

First of two mounts, the other is still in the box...

That dog looks huge, it really isn't that big...honest

First 3 100mm Teutonic Post Apocalyptic squads.

I will be tackling the 40k stuff squad by squad, the 1:18 (100mm) stuff will be on a figure by figure basis. And Im no golden demon painter, but I like to keep my table top stuff looking nice.

So that is the broad strokes of my challenge, lets see what I can do.