Thursday, 18 September 2014

Catching up with this weeks 6MMRPC

After a long weekend away I'm back on the challenge, so here is the work I've been doing this week, putting together the next 3 squads of Disciples for my Heretics army.

My Sisters of Alpharius, still needs a 2nd heavy weapon figure, still searching for a mechanicus dwarf or similar.

Heavy weapon sister, quite pleased with the ammo backpack conversion along with the ammo belt chop and refit.

Champion sister.

Personally very pleased with my heavily converted squad.

Next up. WW1 style British Disciples.

Very pleased with the overall look of this squad.

They even have their own Enforcer.

This squad was an idea i had for a upper spire hive world noble unit, well equipped with renaissance themes. 

A very provokative pose, 'C'mon you scum'

Cant wait to get paint on these guys.


  1. Some great looking conversions in there. That book the enforcer is holding is Massive!

  2. A little big maybe, but I think it will work, but it looks even bigger from the angle i shot it at.

  3. :) Thx, they look even better with some paint on, not finished yet might be tomorrow, will get them posted up asap :)