Sunday, 12 October 2014

Renegade HQ Complete

Well the militia side of things any ways. This week has been difficult to get motivation, the weather is drawing in and the man cave (garage) is not as warm as it has been, but I'm determined to get these guys finished.
This is my second Command Squad, i really like the old guy with the flamer and monkey with a burning tail.

My psykers, additional HQ addons to the core HQ choice, really pleased with the mud weathering, first time I have use powder weathering techniques.

These are my favourites of the army so far, love these enforcers, they really have the corrupted commissar feel I was going for.

And finally the preacher for this unit.

All in all I'm quite pleased with the turn out, they are a good table top standard, and if I'm blowing my own trumpet, some of them, the Enforcers, are a little better.

Right next to finish off the Marine HQ choices...
(PS need to get better pictures of these, job for tomorrow)


  1. All that in a week?! Holy crap! Nice work!

  2. :) Thank you, hats and the cream coat were done previously, but the rest was all done in the last week ish (think it was a day or so more than a week).
    Gotta get my speed up there are 140 Militia to paint. o.O