Thursday, 2 October 2014

Big Heads...

Painting 1:18 scale or 100mm figures is a lot different to painting normal 30mm gaming figures, as you might have seen in the first post about this project, the techniques from smaller models don't translate well. So I did some research into different painting techniques, and here are my results, these figures are no where near finished and are definitely still WIPs.

This is my first attempt at a more realist method of painting skin tones, using colour i would not normally use on miniatures, but I think it has some pleasing effects, think it looks better than the previous attempt.

Second and third attempts, these are a little better in my opinion, but still need some practice on this method to get it looking right, but I do like the dirty street urchin feel these future wasteland warriors are developing.

Armour is also coming along well, i like the dirty grubby feel these figures have, yet at the same time i think the flesh tones are looking soft.

Group shot!!!
Not quite ready for the poster but not long now I hope :)

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